5 – 13 April 2019


by Colin Smith


Brian Simpson is a playwright with a problem…he has no play…and it’s the opening night! He had a brilliant one about World War Two…honest…but someone nicked it. Anyway, never mind, he’s ‘on it’. The audience are already in attendance and Brian is determined to give them a good evening. With all his experience and knowledge of different theatrical styles and genres Brian sets about attempting to write a new play on the spot but is he really writing this…or are things happening outside of his control…as the new story seems to take a life of its own…or does it? The arrival of Inspector Digby sets events in place and things start to happen. Is this a play or is it real? Even Brian doesn’t know! Just who is this mysterious Charlie Chorizo? Did Brian really kill him, cut off his ear and send it to the police?  His long suffering wife (Emily) is losing patience and so is the stage manager (Bill). Peggy, the mum in law, is not amused when she comes round for tea and finds they are all now in Mexico! Written specifically to celebrate The Lyceum’s 90th anniversary-with a melting pot of Shakespeare, Orton, Tarrentino, Panto, Musical theatre, Thrillers, Monty Python and a sideways look at theatre in general and references to past Lyceum productions. ‘Play’ hopes to amuse and entertain and provide you the sort of play you have never seen before and probably never will again.