Two Short Plays

21 – 29 September 2018

Two shorts plays on one set

by Jerome K. Jerome


First performed at The Lyceum 90 years ago, this short play aptly launches our ‘celebrations’ theme.

Sunset is based around an amusing, sophisticated young love triangle, with a very funny ‘local yokel’ thrown in. We are updating it for modern audiences, adding in a spoof element.

Each night, our resident Lyceum expert, Mike Russell will open the show with a brief talk putting the play in context with our history as a theatre.

The Real Inspector Hound
by Tom Stoppard


This hilarious classic short play continues the spoof theme and celebrates the joy of theatre. Two theatre critics, Moon and Birdboot are watching a ludicrous country house ‘whodunit.’

In a twist of theatrical genius, they themselves become involved in the action, causing a series of events that parallel the play they are watching, resulting in an ultimate, mind-blowing parody that turns theatre on its head.