Billy Liar

by Keith Waterhouse

8 – 16 April 2016

Billy lives in the north of England with his parents and grandmother. In an effort to bring a little colour into his life, he dreams of moving away and becoming a comedy writer but never gets round to it. He also lies compulsively, from the fairly inconsequential to overblown, compulsive whoppers! This has led him to be simultaneously engaged to two women, while in love with a third.


Florence Boothroyd            Joan Duffin
Alice Fisher                         Maggie Blaszczok
Geoffrey Fisher                   Ean Burgon
Billy Fisher                          Nathan Simpson
Arthur Crabtree                   Sam Edwards
Barbara                               Mary Platts
Rita                                     Suzanne Clayton
Liz                                       Alison Knowles

Directed by Paul Gledhill

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