Hay Fever

by Noel Coward

6 – 14 June 2014


Sorel Bliss                     Miss Ruth Blaszczok-Hoyle
Simon Bliss                   Mr Greg Williams
Clara                              Miss Joan Duffin
Judith Bliss                    Mrs Maggie Blaszczok
David Bliss                     Mr David Platt
Sandy Tyrell                   Mr Dominic Peberdy
Myra Arundel                  Mrs Rachael Mellor
Richard Greatham         Mr John Weetman
Jackie Coryton               Mrs Sue Borg

Directed by Melvyn Bates

We are delighted to be presenting Noel Coward’s masterpiece which epitomises the sophisticated wit of the era between the two world wars. The play has been described as a comedy of manners, perhaps a comedy of bad manners would be a more accurate description. Coward, who was known as ‘the master’ has certainly crafted a cleverly constructed, wittily written and undeniable entertaining play that has stood the test of time.
We have assembled a tremendous cast for this production, a mix of familiar and new faces to the Lyceum stage.
Sit back, relax and enjoy Sir Noel Coward at his best.

Melvyn Bates – Director.