Lettice and Lovage

by Peter Shafffer

1 – 9 February 2013


Lettice                 Pauline Walsh
Lottie                  Sue Radcliffe
Miss Framer          Tracy Rontree
Surly Man             Melvyn Bates

Directed by Nigel Marland

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Lettice and Lovage is a comedic play by Peter Shaffer, author of Equus and Amadeus. The play was specifically written for Dame Maggie Smith who originated the role of Lettice Douffet. Its two year run of 768 performances counts as one of the longest runs in London theatrical history.

The flamboyant Lettice Douffet decides to inject some theatricality into her role as tour guide at one of the least interesting stately homes in England. She turns a minor incident on the staircase of Faustian House, involving Queen Elizabeth and the hem of her elaborate gown, into an epic romantic saga. However, Lotte Schoen, the straight-faced bureaucrat from the Preservation Trust, is unimpressed. She calls Lettice to her office and fires her. But this is not the end for the flamboyant Lettice…