Of Mice and Men

by John Steinbeck
13 – 21 Nov 2015

Set during hard times in 1930s California, this is an adaptation from the wonderful classic novel by John Steinbeck. On winning the Nobel Prize for Literature, he talked about celebrating “man’s capacity for greatness of heart and spirit; gallantry in defeat; courage, compassion, and love.” This play embodies these human traits, as you are drawn into the journey of Lennie and George and the people they meet.


George                           Colin Smith
Lennie                            Ean Burgon
Candy                            Ian Perks
The Boss                        Phil McCarthy
Curley                             Vince Bowers
Curley’s Wife                  Rachael Mayor
Slim                                 Paul Ward
Carlson                           Damien Kavanagh
Whit                                 Michael Whitehead
Crooks  (Voice Only)      Steven Nathaniel

Directed by Pauline Walsh

Click here to see a copy of the programme for this production