Plaza Suite

by Neil Simon

15 – 23 November 2013


Visitor from Mamaroneck:
Bellhop                         Andy Hoyle
Karen Nash                  Joan Duffin
Sam Nash                    Mike Law
Waiter                          Michael Whitehead
Jean McCormack        Emma O’Brien
Visitor from Hollywood:
Waiter                          Michael Whitehead
Jesse Kiplinger            Damien Kavanagh
Muriel Tate                   Rebecca Rosenthal
Visitor from Forest Hills:
Norma Hubley              Pauline Walsh
Roy Hubley                  Phil McCarthy
Boreden Eisler             Michael Whitehead
Mimsey Hubley            Emma O’Brien
            Director – Rod Fitton

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One of Neil Simon’s most popular and celebrated plays, Plaza Suite details the misadventures of three very different couples facing crucial moments in their lives – all set in Suite 719 of New York’s world-famous Plaza Hotel. Neil Simon is one of America’s most popular dramatists, author of the classics The Odd Couple and Brighton Beach Memoirs. Plaza Suite showcases Simon at his best – witty, sophisticated and deliciously funny.

The three-act show tells three different stories. In the first act, a troubled suburban couple attempts to return to the scene of their honeymoon to recapture the love they once felt 23 — or was it 24? — years ago. It’s followed in Act 2 by the tale of a movie producer and his attempts to seduce an ex-girlfriend, now a suburban housewife. Plaza Suite ends on a high note with the zany and fast-paced Act 3 which presents married couple Roy and Norma Hubley, who are celebrating their daughter Mimsey’s wedding day. There’s only one problem — the panicked bride has locked herself in the suite’s bathroom, and is refusing to leave.