Present Laughter

by Noel Coward

14 – 22 June 2013


Daphne Stillington        Jenny Savill
Miss Erikson                Sue Garlick
Fred                              Damien Kavanagh
Monica Reed                Elizabeth Beech
Gary Essendine           Ean Burgon
Liz Essendine               Maggie Blaszczok
Roland Maule               Stephen Nathaniel
Henry Lyppiat              John Comyn-Platt
Morris Dixon                Dominic Peberdy
Joanna Lyppiat            Judith Smithson
Lady Saltburn              Joan Duffin

Directed by Melvyn Bates

Noel Coward’s brilliant comedy of manners can be clearly viewed as a piece of autobiography.It was first performed in 1942 on a nationwide tour. Coward played the leading role of Gary Essendine, a vain, ill-tempered, egotistical actor who is also witty, talented and charming. The plot revolves around his convoluted private life and his ex-wife, various adoring girlfriends, an eccentric writer, his secretary, valet, housekeeper, theatre manager and producer.

Present Laughter is the product of a master of craftsmanship. Each scene builds on the one before, each player becomes a real person and most importantly the dialogue sparkles with wit