The God Of Carnage


Alain Reille                               Colin Smith
Annette Reille                           Alison Shaw
Michel Vallon                            Ean Burgon
Veronique Vallon                      Ruth Blaszczok

Director       Vince Bowers

In the first show of the season, we enter the comfortable world of two sets of civilised parents, sitting down to discuss a playground fight between their sons. What begins with coffee and clafoutis ends with chaos and carnage … a raging inability to turn their middle class morality into an understanding of another point of view.

Reza’s 2008 play holds a mirror to our lives and will make you squirm in your seat as your allegiances change until you lose all sympathy in this brutally comic dissection of bourgeoisie values.

A prestigious cast is made up of regulars (and GMDF award-winners) EAN BURGON and RUTH BLASZCZOK, playwright, photographer and performer COLIN SMITH and professional actor on a break ALISON SHAW. The production is directed by VINCE BOWERS, who played Curly in Of Mice and Men last year and works tirelessly with Guide Bridge Players, including many directing credits there.

At the beginning of the final week of rehearsals, Director Vince Bowers told us: “It’s all coming together very nicely; lighting and sound, furniture, props and costumes, set and special effects (which will be revealed only to those that join us for the show!), a stunning set and some incredibly talented actors bringing Reza’s characters to life. Miss this play and you’ll be missing something which I’m certain is going to be a talking point for a good while.”