The Odd Couple

by Neil Simon
10 – 18 June 2016


Olive Madison                 Pauline Walsh
Florence Unger               Sue Radcliffe
Mickey                            Sue Garlick
Sylvie                              Tracey Rontree
Renée                              Deborah McCarthy
Vera                                 Maureen Copp
Manolo                             Phil McCarthy
Jesus                               Damien Kavanagh
Directed by Phil McCarthy

Neil Simon is one of the world’s most successful playwrights and “The Odd Couple” one of his most loved plays. This time, although still set in New York and in this production in the present day, it is not about Felix and Oscar but the female version, about the hilarious trials and tribulations of Florence and Olive. Easy going Olive invites the ‘girls’ to her sloppy apartment, not for a hard drinking card game but for an evening of Trivial Pursuit! Uptight, neat and tidy Florence arrives late, having left her husband and consequentially, the two become totally mismatched housemates.

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