We have been working hard at LTO in the last few months, to make the theatre safer for all volunteers and audiences to return.

Ventilation - Auditorium.

The government guidelines states that " Adequate ventilation reduces how much virus is in the air and it helps reduce the risk from aerosol transmission "

LTO engaged ventilation engineers to assesshow we could improve ventilation in the auditorium to make it safer.

The ventilation system has since been assessed, serviced and modified where necessary to comply with current government guidelines and the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers Covid-19 Ventilation guidelines.

In the auditorium the ventilation system is set to 100% fresh air
Ventilation of the auditorium begins at least one hour before the performance begins.
Carbon Dioxide levels will be monitored to ensure ventilation is adequate.
The ventilation system will be checked, serviced, cleaned and the filters changed on an annual basis.

This modified system can blow both warmed fresh and/or cold fresh air into the auditorium to minimise the risk of transmission.

Ventilation - Toilets

The toilets are continually well ventilated by extractor fans which will be switched on at least one hour before the performances begin.

Ventilation - Bar/Lounge and Box Office area

There are good working extractor fans already in the bar/lounge area, but we identified that we could improve the ventilation/air quality here by purchasing air purifiers. These will be installed and in operation during the performances.

Cleaning all areas

We have employed an outside contractor to conduct several (Covid standard) deep cleans, of all areas at LTO before the play commences in November. In addition to these deep cleans, the theatre will be cleaned daily after each performance until the play has finished.

Other measures.

Full risk assessments have been completed and lodged with the recognised ‘See it Safely Campaign’.

Hand sanitising stations are available around the theatre and can be easily located.

The auditorium will now be open from 7 pm before each performance so if you wish you can take your seat in the theatre.

We have purchased two credit card readers to allow payment by credit cards and minimise the exchange of cash at the bar and box office. However, cash can still be used if preferred.

Please feel free to wear a mask at any time moving around the theatre if you feel more comfortable.

Now included in the price of a ticket is a cup of tea or coffee and a programme, plus a free raffle ticket, all of which will also minimise cash handling.